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Tony Hawk's Underground 2

This is a great game folks. The graphics are improved and the number of tricks is still unbelievable. The character customization is still here too. You can even customize your own graphic (graffiti symbols). The freak out adds a nice touch to the game also. You get to play on Tony and Bam's team during the game, but most of the time you are on Tony's team which is sort of a bummer. Some of the stunts are really hard to pull of and it might take a few tries before you know what you're completely doing. The game gets repetitive after a while too. I don't find that much interesting in classic mode either. If you didn't like Tony Hawk 1,2 and so on you probably won't like classic mode that much because it like them.The story is short and fans of the genre could easily beat the game in a day. It does have some replay-ability, which is good. I don't have online play so people who have it will have to say how it is themselves. Still the game is great I recommend to anyone who liked the first one at all.
Score: 8.75
By: Viva_La_Moochicken

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