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Rules and Guidelines

Here at the R-Force we don't have many rules, but the few rules we have are only to make the reviewing experience more enjoyable.  So if you can follow these rules you can continue to review for us.
1. Be intelligent in your reviews.  If there is a game you don't like, you can bring your point across just don't over do it.  If all you're saying are negative comments about the game, we won't accept the review.
2. Reviewing is a privelage, and if you abuse that privelage we can and will take it away, so play nice.
3. Guys, Ryan and I made this site, because we find reviewing fun, and you should too.  You're not on a deadline to get a review up, and you shouldn't feel rushed.  Just have fun, we're far from experts, so you shouldn't feel you need to be like one.  Just have fun!
4. Feel free to use any point scale you want, you are not limited to only a 5 or 10 point scale here. Experiment anyway you want.

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