The Assembly Line

The Life and Times of Blake Becker (GoinCommando)

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Ratchet and Clank series, Super Mario 64, Sly Cooper series, Psychonauts, KOTOR



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Unchartered Seas Contain Mythical Treasures


Blake’s reputation and background as an amateur review writer is as checkered and confusing as his actual life is.  His reviews grew up in a tough neighborhood, that much is true.  Why, his very first review of Super Mario 64, for a website based on a popular message board thread, was hardly 500 words and featured the sentence, and I quote, “Mario’s glorious 3-D love handles…” After his stint with the hardly-reputable website, he and a Wario loving acquaintance joined forces to build what would later go down as one of the best “attempts” at professional amateurism, The R-Force. 


The Man Behind the Mask


Life was good for the now dynamic review duo.  Blake’s elegant, yet powerful presence on the keys brought many fans.  Things were on the up and up as he and the W-man climbed the ranks of Internet superiority.  However, all who have power wish for only one thing in life, an American Express Black Card, in other words, power.  Now, the number of people visiting The R-Force was too few, for the now egotistical Mr. Becker.  In a desperate attempt to reassure his greatness, he took upon himself, a challenge.  A challenge for the ages, the challenge…of a try-out.


The Beast


Oh yes, young Blake took to the Internet like a moth to the flame, searching for a call, a call for worthy reviewers, of the videogame nature.  Blake found what he was seeking, and what would unfold would go down as one of the darkest days in Blake’s life.  His attempts to test his skills were of failure…PSYCHE!  Blake’s ego rose and rose, now eclipsing the very sun in the sky.  He spent four months with this “website”, till yet again his thirst for fulfillment went unquenched.  His joy and intrigue with the new system and way of life drew dim, and with the dimness, he shined a small ray of light onto his life, and saw that the tiny ray revealed a massive hole.


Back To Basics


After his professional stint, Blake felt empty inside.  With his contractual lines cut, he could focus on what was missing in his life, the same very thing that introduced him to the art of review, adventure.  The task needed for Blake to regain his adventure was already being planned and readied, a plan to start it all up, a plan, to create another site.  Blake and the man who loved Wario, joined their forces once again for a site to rein supreme over all who dare challenge it, a site they know now as…The Assembly Line…and…uh, that’s about it.