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Killzone (MIA: Lgend Review)

Now what we have here is an ambitious little title that tries to squeeze every bit of power from the PS2. Sonys Killzone is an above-average FPS that nearly gives any other shooter on the market a run for its money (including X-Boxs cash cow, Halo). The main problem with this game is the fact that the PS2 isnt capable of the heavy performance that this game requires. If anything, this game shows just how committed Sony is to giving PS2 owners something similar to what they may get from another system. I applaud Sonys effort, because when you get right down to it, this aint a bad game at all.

Now, Ive heard this game compared to Halo (in fact, this game was billed as Sonys Halo Killer), and that presumption would not be that far off. However, in retrospect of playing this game, Id compare it to Red Faction or the Medal of Honor console games. Killzone is a very straight-forward game, extremely linear in nature. The control consists of all the obligatory FPS controls; there are buttons to switch weapons, throw grenades, reload your weapon, and sprint while youre running. The biggest concern involving the controls is the fact that, as Ive said, the PS2 is being taxed big time with this game, and the framerate sometimes dips so low that presses of the buttons dont register until about a second too late. Its not a big problem, but its something you may be bothered by. The slowdown does not affect the games challenge any  just its immersion factor. It spoils the mood the game is built on when dealing with the slowdown issues, but if youre just looking to play the game, you wont have too much of a problem.

At first glance, this game seems to have its own distinctive style and look, mostly due to the grainy filter effect this game uses in the levels. Upon closer inspection, youll see that the game is about as good graphically as any other FPS. Characters are moderately detailed, and the environments are detailed enough to let you know that the world around you is a heavy war zone. The character designs on the Helghast enemies youll be blasting throughout the game are pretty intimidating. With military helmets, goggles glowing red, and dark blue/heavy black gear, they look like mini-Darth Vaders. However, the men youll be controlling, following, and helping out are bland in design; theyre simple run-of-the-mill good guys. Theyre not particularly striking at all.

The music in this game is epic enough to convey the sense of war and the Helghast ominous influence. Its more than appropriate. The sound effects are great; very immersive and always apparent. The only flaw I find with the sound is the repeated lines characters will sometimes yell. Its a little corny when youre in an intense battle and you hear your teammates yelling the same things time and again, while your enemies are doing the exact same thing.

To be clear, the PS2 has another decent shooter with this game. Please if youre going to pick this game up this season, dont expect to play something that will rival other, more popular games. What this game does it does well, and thats all that truly matter. Youve got a good game, of decent length, with the great graphics and sound that most people expect from an FPS. You cant go wrong picking this game up.

My Rating: 7.5/10

-Mia (MIA:Lgend)