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Final Fantasy I and II: Dawn of Souls

Did we really need a remake of Final Fantasy 1 & 2? Well, yes and no. For older gamers they played the original and want a nostalgic feel. Where younger gamers may want to see what these old people are talking about.

The story is well done and really shows that you dont need top notch graphics for a great story. The story isnt too innovative, but it plays out wells and may bust a tear out a couple of gamers, but even though this series is known for its great stories this one is kind of cliché. I think it isnt as better as later installments, but this is to expect from such an old game. Another problem with this game is that Final Fantasy 1&2 really dont have a main characters to get attached to like in later installments of the series. There is also no major plot twists or hidden secrets. Although there is enough of a story to keep you addicted. The characters are pretty derivative, lessening the story; they also are way to goody-goody. You never wonder if theyre go help the villain, or if theyre just going to sit back and let the world be destroyed. They never just let something bad happen; they always try to stop it. There was never enough depth in any of the characters enough to really interest you. Also the background to every character is again, derivative. Final Fantasy 1 is the most derivative one because it starts out no different than a Dragon Warrior game. Thats a problem right there, theres nothing here you wont find in a Dragon Warrior, which there are 5 or 6 for the original gameboy which have similar gameplay and story. Final Fantasy 2 also a weak story that really isnt different form any other RPG.

This is a strength to this remake. I dont know if Im spelling this right but Nuobo Uematsu is a master of video game music composure and considering what little he had to work with should fill everyone with respect for him. The sounds may not be complicated, but they please your ears and relax and sooth your soul. There really isnt much in the way of sound here but you definitely cant say that theres no sound at all. But altogether it is a handheld game so you really shouldnt expect too much in the way of sound anyway. The sound is the basically the same in both, so theres no reason to document them differently.

This part of the remake is the base of it, and the only really solid part of it. It holds up nicely, and is an example of classic NES/SNES action. The gameplay is of course old, and a little outdated. Now you may say  but recent Final Fantasys still use this engine and type of gameplay, but its outdated there too. The gameplay is the same in both so theres no reason to look at them differently. Although a nice touch in Final Fantasy 1 is the class system that was neglected in Final Fantasy 2, which can make putting together different parties fun. The gameplay really isnt anything but run of the mill, its very linear and repetitive, and youre never really enveloped in the story, you always feel a little detached from the whole experience in general.

Replay Ability:
Final Fantasy 1 does have a small about of replay ability in the fact that you can customize and make different parties and see how they work with each other. Although you may not really replay it because the story isnt very interesting and youll know everything. Final Fantasy 2 on the other side, has absolutely NO replay ability at all.

Story- 7.4
Sound- 8.5
Gameplay- 5.6
Replay ability- 3.4
Overall- 6.0
-James Croan (BabyKillsALot)