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Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal (King K. Rool Review)

More polished than the first two. Everything is more detailed than before, like Ratchets armor and the way the weapons look. The way the weapons were shooting looked amazing. I was more impressed about how so much stuff was happening on the screen without any choppiness. You could have 12 enemies all shooting at you at once while you're shooting back with a gigantic bomb over and over again. I was completely satisfied with the graphics.

The music has a techno/futuristic/platformer sound. There is one song Im sure everyone can enjoy. It features a female pop-star robot singing about killing all organisms and telling robots to rule the world I loved itCourse I didnt really care for the music. I enjoyed the sounds effects better. The voice-overs in this game werealright. Most every character in the game sounded expressive.

As well have the gameplay. This time around, we have more weapons plus, some of the weapons from the previous games. And since Insomniac loves us so much, theres a warranty and discount on the weapons, iF you have the previous games on your memory card which you should have if you're playing this game (unless youre like me and has gotten your memory cards erased from the Viewtiful Joe 2 demo -.-). Some of the new weapons are like updates to some previous weapons. An example is Agents of Doom, a mixture of those little robots from The Glove of Doom and those robots that follow you around shooting enemies as your body guards (I forgot the name). The Agents of Doom are the size as the little bots from The Glove of Doom. They follow you around shooting enemies, like those bots that followed you in Going Commando. Unlike those bots from Going Commando, you can have 8 of them. The gadgets arent really new. They're the same as before, except they take up less space and are more fun. The Swing-shot and Dynamo are now one gadget. A new gadget is the Hacker. I love this gadget because its just like playing the old Atari Arcade classic, Tempest (featured on Atari Anthology). All of the enemies feel morealien-like. The previous games mostly was filled with robots, but Up Your Arsenal has some very creative aliens. Bosses are cool too. What makes this game different from the others is that you really feel like you're a hero. You constantly has soldiers saluting you. Oh, and the multiplayer! The multiplayer is just amazing! It reminded me of Star Wars: Battlefront, except you have to turn a bolt with your wrench to take a command post. You can play with 8 people at a time, taking over command posts and killing others, with or without vehicles. Of course Capture the Flag isnt the only game you can play, theres Deathmath and Siege mode. And unlike most online PS2 games, this game has clans and voice support. I really enjoyed the gameplay, but of course, this game is a run-and-gun game, so its not for everybody.

With over 30 weapons to upgrade to level 5, hidden trophies and skill points to collected, the arena, online play, more humor, and so much stuff to collect, this game is a big time suck. Youll spend a long time playing this game, I guarantee it. And dont forget the Insomniac Museum, the greatest Easter egg ever created. This is a god among PS2 action games.

-Kevin Cortez (King K. Rool)