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Rules and Guidelines

Here at the R-Force we don't have many rules, but the few rules we have are only to make the reviewing experience more enjoyable.  So if you can follow these rules you can continue to review for us.
1. Be intelligent in your reviews.  If there is a game you don't like, you can bring your point across just don't over do it.  If all you're saying are negative comments about the game, we won't accept the review.
2. Reviewing is a privelage, and if you abuse that privelage we can and will take it away, so play nice.
3. Here at the R-Force, we use the 10-point rating scale with decimals.  That means .1, .2, .3, etc.   We use this scale so we can get the most precise and accurate reviews for our readers.  Also, to get the best out of our reviews we highly emphasize detailed reviews.  Detailed meaning more than just a couple paragraphs.  You must cover the big points of the game including story, gameplay, graphics, sound, and lasting appeal, and overall (includes the final score). 
4. Profanity is allowed with procaution.  You don't need profanity to get your point across or be funny, but if you think a certain section of the review would benefit from a profane word, it is allowed, but we have the power to edit those words out if they don't belong.  None of the big profanities either.
5. If there is a game that you wanted to review, but someone has already reviewed, go ahead and write another review for it, we can always have multiple reviews for games.
6. We are far from experts here, so don't think you have to review the latest and greatest games only.  You can write reviews for any game regardless of it's release date.