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Under the Skin

Under the Skin (PS2) (4 out of 5)

OK here's the game overview: You get to go around sucking people (Not just people, also includes Zombies, Aliens that aren't your species) with a ray gun thing and hit people with their weapons (Guns, weird powerups like rollerblades for additional speed, thumb tacks, a tornado maker in which you spin around to make a tornado) for coins. When they attack you once you become naked except for underwear and the second time you go back to being an alien and people attack you and chase you around. You need to go back to your UFO to change back into a person using a different host body you sucked into your gun and do what I said all over again. Objective is to get lots of coins. You lose if.. actually I don't know how you lose everything was in Japanese. The graphics were good with cel-shading and such and the sound added to the wacky feeling of this game. Overall this game was fun, just a bit repetitive. I give it a 4 out of 5. (Please note that this is my opinion and has nothing to do with the opinions of others or G4TTV) -Subvariant
By: Subvariant

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