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Kingdom Hearts

Square and Disney, thats a team-up gamers thought they'd never see, but we're suprised when they saw the finished product. The brainchild of Square and Disney combine's final fantasy characters with the disney characters you all know and love in a RPG world. You play as Sora, a kid who lives on an island with his two buddies Riku (not to be confused with his female FF counterpart) and Kairi (who else but the love interest) who decide one day to build a raft and go on a series of wild adventures, ya know the usual. (I wonder what they're parents have to say about all this...oh well.) The day before that happens weird little shadow creatures (known as the heartless) start showing up all over the place and Sora and his crew get separated. You control Sora, through many Disney-themed worlds (and some are completely original) sealing keyholes and ridding the worlds of the heartless creatures and of course the Bosses (what good RPG doesnt have spectacular boss battles?) but youre not alone you have shield bearing Goofy and Donald the duck mage to help you throughout your journey.

And surprisingly theyre actually of good use, On certain worlds you can swap out Donald or Goofy for a world specific character (ie.- Alladin, Tarzan, The Beast) to help out. As for weapons, you are armed with a key weapon known as the Keyblade, supposedly only one can be chosen to wield the mighty weapon but as youll find out..ah, I wont spoil it. What sets this apart from other RPGs is not only taking a familiar story and adding classic characters in it but the combat is all in real-time, which isnt really a new thing but when this game first came out it was pretty innovative (at least to me it was). And when you combine all that with classic characters, awesome gameplay and a story sure to suck in both chick and dude players, youve got a winner on your hands. And if you havent picked this gem up yet, youre in luck because the price on this joker has dropped down to 20 bucks, The KillerAtNight gives Kingdom Hearts a rock solid 5/5. Just be sure to seal all the worlds, and find all the missing Dalmatians. Because if you get a special treat when you beat the game.
By: KillerAtNight

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