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Doom 3 (TheRedThing Review)

Well another really anticipated game of the year I'm reviewing here.
Well the gameplay is actually really good, there are many flaws but it is a great game, truly if you're a huge doomer the worst part of it is it's not as good as the classics, but it's good enough for me and it will be for you too. The problems I did have were the fact that you have to switch between flashlight and weapons sometimes and I don't think it's a good idea to try and kill a demon other then a zombie with a flashlight. The levels are also a bit old in architecture, I know if you're a doom fan you might say "but thats good, just like good old doom!" but it's not old architecture as in like old DOOMS, I'm saying rooms still aren't usually built on top of each other, usually if there is it's a huge hazy drop till you see what is under that area.But some levels can be really fun. Now one of the most interesting things about Doom 3 gameplay is the amount of interactivity. You can interact with computers, you can play an arcade game (super turbo turkey puncher 3, not much rewarding other then a chance to see good old doom graphics), hell you can kick alot of objects around. It's always fun to interact with things yourself instead of just pressing the E or space bar button. 9.7
This is both a downside and an upside.  First of all the monsters have great sounds, their attacks do, and the imps sound like the aliens from AvP and the "Alien" movies, awesome. Now some of your weapons sound great but the pistol and the shotgun sound really wimpy. The 3d sound is excellent as well, and can definetly freak you out from the to time. 9.8
Not as realistic as the source engine, but these graphics kick ass. The lighting effects are great, the models are detailed, bump maps are used effectivly EVERYWHERE, and shadows cast from objects and monsters/humans ominously. The only real flaws in the graphics is if you have a bad graphics card you may get nothing but polygons. Polygons here, poly gons there. Cause thats basically what all the textures are, smoothed out good looking polygons with really got flat/bump textures. The graphics are pretty much perfect and make the game as scary as the creators meant it to be. 10.0      
Well you finally have it, a doom story that doesn't take a couple pages of your manual. A story that is detailed and works through the game. A lot of people may say "it's just the same story from 11 years ago with new character" well they are wrong, true it is sort of a restart in the series, seeing as FINAL DOOM ended it. Doom 3 isn't a remake though, it's a rewrite. Instead of being set on the moons of mars and hell, it's set on mars and you'd be an idiot to say otherwise. There are a couple "hell" scenarios. Basically the story is similar to the first just without the spider mastermind and junk. If the spider master mind was in this we wouldn't have Dr. Betruger, the UAC's lead scientist who has descovered a gateway into hell based on technology described by old tablets of an ancient martian civilization, only instead of keeping it closed Dr. Betruger wants it open to unleash hell on earth. The story can be bad sometimes, but it works for the game. 8.9 
Doom 3 can be very fun, but you have to be brave or at least find being scared s**tless fun. Cause truly being scared can be fun but some people don't like it. The game is really a good FPS game, and the deatmatch is all nice and retro, so yah it's VERY fun.    
Lasting Appeal:
Well this is sort of a 50/50 block, some classic doomers who didn't like this as much as the olders (such as me) may not replay it much, truly once it's done maybe you should replay it to beat it on a higher difficulty, but the most replayable part is the multiplayer, especially for old school doomers who loved that simple old DOOM deathmatch.
Overall Doom 3 gets a 9.0/10
-Chie N. (TheRedThing)