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Alien Hominid

Alien Hominid is a contra/metalslug/gunstar heroes style side scroller that originated as a flash game, and still is considered to be the best flash game on
Truly you have to be a fan of this genre to appreciate the gameplay, modern day gamers who like 3d movement may not like this, but if you're retro and used to play games like Metal Slug, or contra, then you will probably enjoy this game. The game is very fast paced, but short, it's only about 16 levels, but it is actually very fun, and there are lots of ways to defeat your enemys, ride their heads, have their own comerades kill them, bite their heads, throw them into other enemys, vehicles etc. You can even cut them in half or shoot their crotch out. Sometimes the backgrounds can make you laugh as well, this game is very fun if yuo like retro style run and guns. There are also mini games and PDA games, some of the mini games suck *really only one is good* and the pda games are fun, but you will spend more time on the main game then them. 9.7 
The graphics are very simple but they fit with the game and are actually well done for 2d, it is all hand drawn by Dan Paladin *aka Synj on new grounds* and the best part of the graphics are the explosions, for hand drawn explosions those are nice, truly it is a very fake and wacky looking style graphics, but they make the game more appealing and funny if you like the 2d styling. 9.0 
This is one of the places AH lacks in, the story is very basic and cosists mainly of the FBI/ KGB/ Area 51 agents taking your crashed space ship (even though you get it back a couple times, the first time you get it back you can abduct agents and drop then in a shredding machine) but the story isn't that big, or great, but the gameplay makes up for that. 3.0
Another lacking point, but the sound does work well, the sound track can be really good sometimes or it could be bad, and the sounds are really mixed, some are bad some are good, mainly the enemy gun shots, screams, and helicopters are the best points in sound.
If you like this style game, you will have much fun. Also getting a friend and playing the PDA games or the single player game is fun.
Lasting appeal:
There is much replayability after its done, either to get the satisfaction of mutilating hordes of agents or just to get more unlockable hats, or play it multiplayer or with a friend, if you liked it once you will like it many more times.
Overall: 8.9
-Chie N. (TheRedThing)