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Jet Set Radio Future

You are a member of the GG's in Tokyo 2034 (I think). The story is, the police are trying to get rid of taggers (graffiti artist's) and stop them from being free spirits. The characters all have their own personalities (even though they don't say much). 7.3

The gameplay is fun. You can choose to free skate around, race through different environments. You can also choose different games in Multiplayer, like Taggers Tag (tag each other with graffiti), ball hog (pick up a ball and race around making sure they don't catch you), flags (collect all the flags before the other person), and race (self-explanitory). Tricks are simple and grinding is so easy. Maybe sometimes too easy. 9.0

The graphics are good. I'm a big fan of cell shading, but some glitches in the game can be really creepy. The art style is like comic book action. I think it's a really original art style. 9.7

The sound track is really good. A mixture of hip-hop, rock, and pop. I like the music in this game. The voices are annoying after a while. When you do tricks, you keep hearing "Ha-ha, alright, yeah, ha-ha, yeah, alright, wa-hoo, yeah, alright!!" It bugs you after a while. 8.3

Fun Factor:
This game is fun. I enjoyed it. 8.5

This game will keep you playing for a few months, not much more.

Overall: 8.5
Story: 7.3
Gameplay: 9.0
Graphics: 9.7
Sound: 8.3
Fun Factor: 8.5

Overall: 8.5/10
-Marc (ayane4ever)