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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

A game that has been labeled everything from: "Groundbreaking" to "Best game ever!"

The storyline of OoT is the same as all other Zelda games. Zelda is captured by Ganon. You must rescue her. While a bit generic, it tells the story with such granduer, that it seem fresh from the getgo. 9.5/10

The gameplay in OoT was revolutionary at the time, and is still a wonderful experiance. There is nothing I can find wrong with the gameplay. Diverse enemies, moves, and weapons makes this perfect. 10/10

The graphics in this game are 64 bit "blocky" graphics. Some people prefer "fuzzy" graphics that don't have blocks, but rather look like todays graphics through a pair of vad glasses. I am not one of those. The graphics blew me away the first time I played it. They still aren't bad. 10/10

The music from OoT was sharp, and was well composed. It was the first game to use a sound system that played different or louder music when an enemy was near you. The music completly submerged you into the game. The actual songs gave an epic feel to that game, especialy during the boss fights.

Lasting Appeal:
OoT has enough extras to keep you looking for hours upon end. And with the sense of freedom the game really gave you, it is fun just to run across the field of Hyrule on Epona, especialy with more and more "led by the nose" games coming out. A single side-quest will take you longer to complete than the Halo series. 10/10

The story doesn't bring this game down a bit. It is a blast to play, even if you aren't a fan of the genre. It truly deserves to be up with the best games of all time. If you haven't played it, give it a try.