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Timesplitters 2

Hi, Im Lithium from G4TTV, VP, UXP, and a lot of other forums that I wont list. I am going to review Time Splitters 2, and you can get it on all three of the major consoles.

Okay, the story doesnt have much to it, and not many FPS do. Basically, youre a guy that has to travel through time to do something or other, and you go to Chicago in the gang era, Planet X in the futuristic area, and many other locations and time periods. You can play co-op, and its pretty fun.

The storyline gets a 7.6/10 from me.

Remember Goldeneye for the N64?  Well, this game is made by the same team, and gameplay is its strong point. Not only do you get the decent single player and co-op mode, but you get some of the best console FPS multiplayer on the consoles. With challenge mode, where you are given challenges to unlock other characters and levels, and even some new gameplay modes, and a whole bunch of multiplayer game types, which range from capture the bag, to a game where you try not to get lit on fire.

Gameplay gets a 9.2/10.

Okay, the graphics look dated, but they are still solid.  Give it a break, it came out a while ago. There isnt any lag, and the animation is solid.


The sound is great in this game, from the gunshots to the footsteps, the sound is pretty good, for a dated shooter.


Lasting Appeal:
Okay, there is a lot of stuff to unlock in this game, over 50 characters, and a lot of maps and game modes. You'll come back to this game for the great multiplayer options, and to get platinum scores in the challenges.

Buy this game, its only 20 dollars new, and its a great FPS.

8.5/10 (Not an average)
-Seth (Lithium)