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Mortal Kombat: Deception

Blood? Sure. Violence. You bet. Quality gameplay? Not really. You see while the MK series has been widely popular, and commercially successful, but this game is going to disappoint.
Sure, at first the action maybe be able to distract you from the flaws of the game, but like I said it won't for long. To begin with even the fighting system implemented is outdated and flawed severely. It feels very chunky and slow, which can make for a very lopsided fight that will upset a lot of gamers. This is made even worse when compared to game engines like DOA, which are smooth like butter where MKs engine is like moving in a field of jello.
Although the game does have online, the online can be lopsided because of the single player. Another thing to note is that the sound is very poor. They weakly consist of derivative screams, cracks and slams.
Yes, the single player is improved over Deadly Alliance, but thats saying very little.  Now instead of moving from challenge to challenge like before, you roam around and pick up coins and go from challenge to challenge.  Big difference isnt it?  It's not much, but its better than nothing. I found myself saying that throughout this whole review, its better than nothing. You will hate this game if you cant do extremely long combos too. This is because of the fact that that is the whole single player of the game. Thats it.  I'm dead serious; they were stupid enough to put nothing else in the single player experience.  Not only does this ruin the single player for you, this ruins the online also. Yes, their outdated single player ruins their new feature, and I'll tell you why. You know in the last game where you unlocked players through coins in The Krypt? Well now all thats there is character designs, and extra costumes. You have to unlock characters in the story mode, which to advance in you have to perform insane combos. Now if you don't unlock them you are at a disadvantage when your opponent is whooping you with Noob & Smoke and you're left with only the basic characters.
The other new mini-game modes are new, but not very good.  The chess mini-game is basically a cheap way to string together fights, no more, no less.  While Tetris fighting can be fun, eventually it gets old and tired. On a side note, the demo of Area 51 looks very promising and I thought was better than the actual game, and you may find yourself playing it over and over again.

Sound- 4.5

Gameplay- 5.2

Story- 4.3

Graphics- 6.3

Overall- 5.0
-James Croan (BabyKillALot)