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Tekken 5

Tekken 5 is like a 10-year anniversary collection of the Tekken Series. This one disc consists of 4 arcade games (Starblade, Tekken, Tekken 2, and Tekken 3), and Jin stars in a 3rd person, action adventure game, Tekken: Devil Within. Tekken 5 has 3 new characters, Asuka Kazama, Feng Wei, & Raven. All control very well, and are pretty fun to use; I most like Asuka Kazama.

The graphics in this game are really good for a Playstation 2 fighter, though still no Virtua Fighter 4 or DOA Ultimate, they are above average. The facial elements are pretty good. They don't look crazy when they speak, it's pretty life like. The characters eyes move and clothing looks really sleek. I give graphics a 9.5

I like the music in this game. The voices are well done, though the sound quality in the voice work isnt up to par with the other big fighters. There is a variety of music, from rock, to hip-hop, to the Japanese drums and things like that. The music fits the fighting arena that they fight in. It seems that the games voices are only in 2 languages, English and Japanese, though I'm not sure if the Chinese characters are speaking Japanese or not, I can't tell. Sound gets a 9.1

The story in this game are enjoyable, from the opening hand drawn anime-style drawings narrated by someone who's name I didn't see (or look for) in the credits. The ending CG movies are extremely well done. I also like Xiaoyu's anime style ending. As you may know, Heihachi Mishima is really dead, I never liked him anyway, he was evil. But enough of that. I liked the story in Tekken 5, I think it's worth an 8.7

This game is very fun. From the 10 hit combos to the gorgeous fighting move. The game's moves are fluid and control very well, even though the game can be very difficult at times. Tekken 5 may not be online, the arcade mode does give you a sense of multiplayer, but it's basically a rip off of Kumite in Virtua Fighter 4. It's still a fun game. Even on easy, the last fight in story mode and time attack can be very frustrating. I think this is a great game, right up there with DOA Ultimate, Which I gave a 9.7 earlier. Gameplay for Tekken 5 gets the 9.9.

Graphics: 9.5
Sound: 9.1
Story: 8.7
Gameplay: 9.9
-Marc (ayane4ever)