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Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening

I'll start off by saying this game is better than 2...even though I never really saw a problem with 2 other people did. DMC 3 is even better than 1 and that's saying a lot.
Devil May Cry 3 starts before Devil May Cry 1, which is cool. You get to see Virgil before he becomes the Dark Knight and kills you; you get to see Dante when he was younger and a lot more. Dante has some serious personality; you won't get bored from the cut scenes...unless you don't like jokes and have no funny bone.
The storyline this time around is Dante is getting ready to open up his new shop, till he's attacked and asked to come to this tower to meet his brother Virgil and to settle things. Right from the start of the game the action is intense, I mean you have no time to go "Wow...look at that monster about to attack me...OH GOD!" You will get killed so fast if you even try to rest for anything. Fighting demons are really fun, jumping on top of them and riding them like a skateboard while shooting everything is just too much fun. Nothing is over complex, the controls are responsive during battle and when you die you know it's your fault and not the game being super cheap. The camera has some issues when your just walking down certain hallways, but it's nothing that will make you too upset.

The main attraction or gimmick...whatever you wanna call it is the addition of styles. This adds much strategy to fighting demons. If you wanna be more evasive than offensive, then use Trickster. If you wanna be all up your enemies face with weapon in hand then Swordmaster is for you, and if you wanna shoot anything and everything then Gunslinger is for you. There are 4 styles to begin with, 3 I just listed and the last one is Royalgaurd...which is ok, but you needs some super fast reflexes to use it to it's max. You got 2 other styles before the end of the game, but there not very good when your fighting. The bosses are HARD! You will have fun fighting them...but you will get upset when you get killed when you know you could have killed the mf if he just didn't hit you.
The graphics are wonderful, but it's nothing new so don't get ready looking for something to just come bursting out of nowhere to make your eyes happy. I must say though, this game has the best facial animations I have ever since while in game! The best if I may say so! Voice acting is seriously on point, so your ears won't bleed and they'll be happy with you.

The game is great; if you love action adventure games then you'll love this game. The fighting and the difficulty won't turn away most people but will actually have people coming back for more.

I give Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening a 9.5/10.
-Justin (RufustheSage)