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Killzone (SPARTAN002 Review)

Years of success in planetary colonization has resulted in several planets to become inhabited by humans. While the majority of colonies have aligned to form the ISA the Helghast a ruthless militaristic separatist faction have distanced themselves secretly planning to scale an all out war. Killzone takes place during the initial Helghast blitzkrieg of the nearby colony of Vecta. As Vecta City's orbital defenses mysteriously fail the Helghast have been able to land and deploy their troops rapidly and with ease. As the planetary defense forces become overrun and scattered into the city the initial objective as an ISA member is to escort a high ranking official to an evacuation point.

The graphics are sometimes choppy and make the game seem lower then it really is. We even noticed several times running up to a fellow solider only to have his head blocky then correct itself. What we did enjoy was the CG scenes in the game which where well done.

Not like something u will find in Halo but its still over all good.  Enemies will yell when you are spotted and during cut scenes characters voices are good and clear.

This is where everything gets interesting and it wouldnt exactly be fair if you compare the game with Halo 2 seeing as how people called it a Halo killer and all so ill compare it to Halo.  Killzone has a more human and futuristic realism then Halo b/c you wont see any Plasma in this game even though the enemies in the game look weird there still more human then the covenant.  You are able to play with 4 Characters and every level is a different with the character you play with creating more replay value yet it still doesnt have a huge impact on which character you play the level with. Still going with the realism thing the realism really triess to throw yourself into you in the game for example when you climb a ladder you see your arms as if you were climbing the ladder. Another thing that irritated me during the game was not being able to jump like in halo you were not bounded by anything it was total free roaming pretty much and that was real cool in Killzone you kind of feel caged and more of a linear game where every battle is waiting for u but the battles are still mostly well done despite that. Now another issue I had was the controls the controls are kind of twitchy but at the same time its goes sort of right with the ps2 controller and the controls for the sniper disgusted me Im a fan of sniping in a FPS so I know what I expect and the sniper disappointed me they made it look cool with the orange colored scope but the feel of it didnt go even and wasnt clean like you would find in Halo. There is a variety of weapons to choose from there about 27 I think different weapons ranging from machine guns to knives and a cool thing about most of the weapons they have a primary and a secondary fire. The AI was another poor thing is this game. For example the enemy shows how poor it is when being spotted by enemies, they will call for support and hide behind items to avoid getting shot but they dont react in a way which will get your blood pumping and unlike in Halo they frequently do not work in teams to flak you out or trap you.

The game contains an exciting story plot and fine-looking graphics which miserably are slowed down by the potential of the Playstation 2. The game compared to Halo 2 make this game look like crap but it still is an enjoyable FPS for the Playstation 2. I give Killzone a 8.1/10.
-Korben Carreno (SPARTAN002)