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Fire Emblem

The strategy RPG genre is not as popular as other genre because of it's slow pace and massive text... Don't get me wrong, I've played Final Fantasy Tactics (Playstation) and loved every minute of it... Fire Emblem was a popular game among my buddies when it was first released for the GBA, so I decided to buy it for myself, it was a decision I would not regret...

The controls of this game takes quite a bit of time master because there are quite a few commands to give your men in the heat of battle, from healing, attacking, and even rescue! This turn based tactical RPG has an amazing cast of characters and a multitude of different classes that will keep you on your toes with your tactics and approach in battle. In missions you will find yourself moving your pieces during your turn as if playing a game of chess, however if you declare an attack on an enemy unit with a controlled character you will attack (at least once, you character will get more attacks depending on speed and weapon) and the enemy character will counterattack(at least once, your enemy will get more attacks depending on speed and weapon) Once you end your turn, your enemy will have the chance to move his unit and declare attacks. Your weapon do break in this game! Once they do, you cannot attack or counterattack, but don't fret, during most battles there are armory to replenish your arsenal and shop to replenish your medicines. If you think that is detailed, Fire Emblem even has a Rock-Paper-Scissors relationship with the weaponry and spells!

There are exceptions...

Anima Magic<Light Magic
Light Magic<Dark Magic
Dark Magic<Anima Magic

This relationship with weapons and spell is main factor in planning out your tactics during missions. However, the game is UNFORGIVING, if you don't know what you are doing, one of your characters might die, and if that happens, they ARE GONE FOREVER!!! That only leaves you the option of RESTARTING THE ENTIRE MISSION AGAIN!!!

The graphics are excellent for a GBA game, the anime characters respond well to various emotions with their facial expressions. The battle sequences are nicely done and the Anime still-life pictures are simply breath-taking...

This is the factor where many Tactical RPGs shine, and Fire Emblem is no exception... The game is split into three parts, first you start as the tactician of the beautiful Sacaean female nomad Lyn who is seeking her grandfather's whereabouts, the second part, you are a tactician to the young noble Pheraean Eliwood who is seeking his father's whereabouts after his disappearance, and lastly you play as the tactician to the rowdy Ostian noble Hector and his quest to meet with Eliwood and save Eliwood's father... However all there stories intersect... The game reveals the story to you in text in between the 30+ missions (enough gameplay to make your thumbs sore!) Throughout your quest, you will meet a countless amount of characters who join you party, the characters are very likeable, each with their different personalities, strengths, weaknesses, and even their relationships with other characters. The game gives you an opportunity to delve deeper into the various realtionship of all your characters by giving you, Support Conversations. These scenes not only reveal to you background information about different characters, but it also has an effect on the ending, and they give you status bonuses during battle! How could if forget sidequests, many RPGs have them, and Fire Emblem does not skimp on them. Also, the ending is superb!!! You get an epilogue of what happens to all your characters after the story ends. (some are happy endings, some are tragic)

Other Factors:
This game has a spectacular music score, esp. during the final battle, it also has great replay value because you can only acquire Hector's saga by completing Lyn and Eliwood's first, and the game offers linked battles with other Fire Emblem playes via Link Cable...

Tactical RPGs are an acquired taste in my opinion. But I beg you, don't let that stop you from playing this epic GBA game... Fire Emblem doesn't just tell a wonderful story, Fire Emblem will grab you, and not let go until you find yourself amazed at how vividly the story is portrayed!

9.0 out of 10 If you consider story-telling an art, then Fire Emblem is a masterpiece!
-Matthew Raposas (Seventh_Force)