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I learned about Fable about a week before it came out and I reserved it when I could. I thought the game would quench my thirst until Halo 2 came out, but I was partially wrong.

The controls are fairly simple touse and are easy to get used to. The targeting on the otherhand is kind of hard. When you are trying to save someone you may actually be killing the person you are trying to save. Also the game gets just a little repetitive after a while of playing.

This game excells in graphics. It's the little touches that make the game look great.The character models and enviroments will have you just pausing and looking at them.

You are an orphan that has lost your family in a bandit raid. You are brought up by a group called the Hero's guild. After your training you enbark on a quest that will shape your fate. The thing about that though is the storyline is the same whether you are good or bad, but the only change is how the characters react to you.

The game is really, really short, so if you want a game with longevity then this isn't for you unless you play through it a couple times. The average player can beat the game within ten hours. The storyline is good, but after the credits after making the biggest choice in the game, you have no missions and basically it feels like the Sims because that is the time where you can settle down with multiple wives(one in every town) and take care of things and talk to people you didn't notice when you played through the storyline.

Bottom Line:
If you are a fan of RPG's then you will be mildly disappointed, but for everyone else this is one of the best RPG's of 2004.

-Steven Lo (Viva_La_Moochicken)