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Resident Evil Zero

The story pretty much follows the storyline of all Resident Evil games. Zombie outbreak - check. STARS have to go investigate - check. Team gets split up - check. Story isn't anything special, but if you like Resident Evil, you will like the story of this game. 7.5/10

The graphics in this game are some of the best the gamecube has to offer. The characters look great, but they move clunky, but that is to be expected out of these type RE games. The cutscenes are really well done, with great facial expressions and features that give the characters personality. The environments are incredibly detailed, just as all RE games are, because it has the still camera angles, the game doesn't have to load on the fly. And of course, all of the monsters are good and scary looking. 9/10

The Resident Evil games have always had good sound design. The ambience it creates sucks you into the experience and the music is great. It is good and spooky and fits the mood almost perfectly. The voice overs are pretty good and the monster sounds are still good. For a series that is notorious for this in horrible voice-overs : Jill, take this lockpick., this is a good surprise. 9/10

The most important part of any game is the gameplay. Unfortunately, the RE series has always had clunky controls and still camera angles. The still cameras have always prohibited you from seeing everything you need to see. Of course there is auto aim, but i like to see what i am shooting. The overall gameplay is a little changed from the originals. You can now do a "quick 180 turn" to get out of danger faster. A feature that Capcom decided to do away with is the inventory box. Now, instead of storing everything in a box, you have to drop it somewhere. Don't worry though, it shows up on your map. Also, instead of only playing as one character at a time, you now play two characters. You play one and the A.I. controls the other. It's unfortunate that the a.i. is so incredibly stupid. I was being eaten by a giant frog, i couldn't shoot or anything, and the a.i. controlled character just stood there. I had it on attack too. Because you now have 2 characters to play at a time, this introduces a whole new type of puzzle for the series. You may get seperated and have to relay various items to each other via lifts, elevators, etc...Rebecca is a young girl and Billy is a much tougher young man. Play the game to find out how they get together. The only real dissapointment i had in the gameplay, is that this game is so incredibly easy. I never even got down to danger, and when i got to caution, there always seemed to be an herb nearby. So that's really all i can say about the gameplay. 7/10

- Graphics.
- Music and Voice-Overs.
- new types of puzzles for the series.
- It's still a fun game with a few light scares.

- Story isn't that great
- Still cameras and clunky controls are still there
- You still have to find freaking ink ribbon!
- Having to drop and pick up items and weapons can get annoying.
- Way too easy for an RE game.
- Way too short to merit 2 disks.

Looks like the Cons outweigh the Pros on this one, I still had some fun with it though.

OVERALL SCORE (not an average) - 7.5/10
-Bradley (blacksabbath007)