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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Ok it's been around 2 years (i think) since Vice City came out and it still is fun to play, but now a new bad ass is on the block. The newest addition to GTA, San Andreas has been out for several weeks. And many are still trying to get through it.

So let me start out by saying this game is HUGE!! And i mean huge. The map is about 3 times bigger than Vice City!! And the story line isn't horrible! The story is the CJ(Carl Johnson) has just got out of the slammer in Liberty City. He returns home to find out that his mom has been killed. So the game is basically finding out who dun it, and to get your known. Getting through this story will take you more than 60 hours (if your a hardcore gamer) to complete. And with all the extra things, like getting girlfriends and keeping them happy, spray painting some spots,you can even play 2 player free roam, and exploring the state of San Andreas you will be playing it until 2005.

Now this game has a few more weapons than Vice City. Some new ones are a homing missile launcher, Sod-off shotgun (sp?), a normal rifle, and most off all the other weapons from VC are in there to. But the change in the weapons in this game is that most of your weapons are upgradeable! So if you use, lets say the Sod-off shotgun enough times, you will automatically spawn another shotgun in your other hand, dealing twice the damage! But some weapons that are already powerful enough (missile launchers, flamethrowers, and such) can not be up-graded.

There is another type of weapon they have put in the game that requires no bullet's...."yourself." Yes you can teach CJ how to Box, use Marta l arts, and something you have to find out for yourself . You also have almost full customization of your character. You can choose exactly what clothes you want to wear from a huge selection. There are also restaurants in this game, that you need to visit every once and while to regain health, but if you eat to much you will become the next Fat Albert. So to avoid becoming a 400 pound blob, you need to visit the gym. There you gain up your muscle and lose your weight. Going to the gym can be boring sometimes but it's worth it, when you are trying to run from the cops.

Now I never thought the graphics were ever top natch in any of the GTA games, and this ones not much different. They haven't improved from VC much. But i think the prettiest thing in the game is the cars.

I was also surprised how much people asked if the driving was good in the game. At first the driving seems a little different from the other games. To me the driving seems more realistic than the other games. But you will soon adjust to it.

A map & story mode that will take you over 60 hours, a large amount of weapons,and almost full customization of CJ

Graphics aren't anything special, and it can be a little buggy sometimes (same thing with my spelling), and the series just seems to be getting boring (after i beat the game i just lost all interest in it, but it's still fun to pick up every once and a while.)

The graphics aren't a big enough issue to bring this great game down. I'm giving this game a 9.0 out of 10.
-Jason H. (Shadow_Gamer927)