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Here at The Assembly Line, we use the A-F letter scale.  Similar to the grading scale that most High Schools around the nation use (if this brings up bad swirly flashbacks, you have our deepest apologies), our rating scale reflects the most specific expression of our opinions, without getting too mundane or excessive.  If there are any questions, concerns, or doubts concerning the rating system, you can fill out a form in the HelpDesk section, or you can consult either myself (, or Ryan(  The full explanation of our rating scale is as follows:


A+:  The epitome of excellence in gaming for not only the year of its release, but also the history of the industry itself.  The type of game that allures and mystifies all gamers who are so lucky to play it, no matter their age or videogame preferences.


A:  An extraordinary game by all circumstances.  A game that will, when it’s all said and done, go down as a giant step for it’s particular genre, and inject enormous amount of prestige into the developers repertoire.


A-:  There are only so many ways to warrant a thumbs up.  Luckily, this game is full to the brim with creativity and quality game design.  Any gamer would have a tough time putting his thumb down to this game.


B+:  The flaws are few and far between, unless you are completely against the game’s particular genre, you owe it to yourself to play this game.


B:  A game of high caliber, it has a few minor flaws, but the pure enjoyment while playing it, more than makes up for them.


B-:  Greatness would be going too far, but mediocre isn’t doing it justice.  A few flaws are noticeable, and hinder the game’s enjoyment slightly, but overall a great addition to your gaming collection.


C+:  The middle ground of the rating scale.  Like the explanation of the rating, the game itself lacks any defining qualities.  In no way a bad game (nor great), it’s just doesn’t leave a lasting impression.


C:  Slightly less than average.  A few redeeming qualities in this title might warrant a purchase for the fans and the curious.


C-:  At this point, the game is hanging by a thread.  If you’re wanting to spend your money on this game, you had better hope that thread be strong enough for it’s one or two passable attributes from falling into the pits of atrocity. 


D+:  Anything more than a rental at this point would be a crime.  Simply put, the game is just not good.  It’s not enjoyable, witty, or at the very least nice to look at. 


D:  This game is simply not worth your time.  A few select fans that are extremely loyal to the developers, might find joy in this (mostly out of pity rather than pure happiness), for all the others, it’ll succeed only in wasting your life away.


D-:  For lack of a better word, horrendous.  The game lacks any sense of direction, style, or originality.  If you are convinced this game is worth your time, for the love of all that is holy, rent it.


F:  Didn’t your 11th grade English teacher teach you anything?  Breaking the game disk in two, and slitting your wrists with the remains would bring more pleasure than playing this game.  Avoid at any cost.