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  1. How do I submit a review?  Click on the link to the very left of the homepage entitled “Submit Review”.  Once you are there, fill out all the necessary information and you can begin writing your review in the appropriate section, or if you have a review already written in Microsoft Word, you can simply copy it and paste it into the Review section.

  1. What should be included in my review?  Your review should cover all the main points of the game.  This includes: the storyline, graphics, sound, lasting appeal, and an overall conclusion.  An opener to your review should also be included, referring to the game, it’s developers, and the possible impact on the gaming industry (whether good or bad) it will have.  Humor is always a nice bonus to serve as entertainment, but is completely optional.  Sticklers need not worry.

  1. Profanity in the reviews?  Do you allow it?  Yes, and no.  The Assembly Line head writing team is composed of mostly mature people.  That said, we’ve been known to drop a profanity here and there (very apparent in the expletive-laden, late-night frag-fests we’re accustom to), and is bound to happen in our reviews.  Using profanities to increase intensity, or to put more weight into a statement is perfectly normal human nature, and is therefore allowed.  However, if we are not completely convinced it is used for the benefit of the review, we’ll edit it out immediately.  We think you’ll be able to decipher what’s appropriate.

  1. Hey!  How come a part of my review is missing?  If a part of your review is missing, it is most likely due to it not fitting our standards.  If it included a needless profanity or useless information, it was edited to better the review.

  1. I’ve sent in a dozen reviews in the last hour and a half, why am I not a head writer yet?  One cannot become a Head Writer.  In pre-production for the site, we chose a handful of people to become Head Writers, based on their trustworthiness, dedication, and skill as a writer.  Unless one of these Head Writers is unable to resume his position as a Head Writer for The Assembly Line, there will be no other Head Writers until we decide to expand on our review force.

  1. Well…what if Mr. Lincoln were to PAY you a visit, then could I become a Head Writer?  No.

  1. I think this site would benefit greatly by some editorials, are there any plans for them?  For right now, we’re focusing solely on building and maintaining our reviews to make sure they are of the highest quality possible.  However, they are something many of us are interested in, and when the time is right, editorials might be making their way onto the site.

  1. Don’t get me wrong, I love videogames, but when will you guys start reviewing Movies and Music?  Again, as of right now we are doing our best to make The Assembly Line the best videogame review site possible.  Expansion as far as new forms of media to review is a topic much discussed between the team.  It might very well happen, just don’t hold your breath.

  1. I have some amazing ideas to make the site greater than it already is, where can I vent my imaginative and original ideas?  First, you should vent those thoughts somewhere else…oh; say the “Submit Review” section.  Afterwards, you can express any question, compliment, or witty emoticon that your heart desires in the “Helpdesk” section of the website.

  1. I was your guys’ #1 fan at The R-Force, I sent in dozens of reviews there.  Why can’t I find my R-Force reviews in the “Reviews” section?  My, oh my how you live in the past.  If you absolutely feel the urge to read you’re old reviews from The R-Force, you can click the link to the left of you page entitled, “Our Favorite Links”.

  1. Are we restricted to review only the games of the current and upcoming generations?  Of course not, we couldn’t have a videogame review site without also acknowledging the systems and handhelds of yesteryear.  Whether you want to review your favorite 8-Bit Side Scroller, or the games that brought in the 3-D craze, it’s allowed and, most definitely, encouraged.  But keep one thing in mind, if you are to review a game from the distant past and are going to comment on it's dated graphics or gameplay, keep in mind that it may have been big and innovative back in the day. So acknowledge that the portion of the game was "good for it's time" or something along that line.

  1. What if a game I was about to review has already been taken?  Can I still review it?  Absolutely, The Assembly Line is all about offering as many options as possible to our fan base.  A game for any system or handheld can be reviewed as many times as possible.  Offers just the more entertainment for the fans!

  1. Is it mandatory to list our last names for the reviews? …I have troubled past with an Italian…restaurant, and giving my full name might not be the best/safest choice.  We fully understand that privacy is top priority for most people.  As you’ll see, the Last Name section of the “Submit Review” page is indicated as entirely optional.  Hope that answered your question Mr. Donaldson…oops…

  1. I’m confused as to what you mean by “Gamertag”, I don’t have Xbox Live, so does this still apply to me?  By “gamertag” we simply mean, the name you go by on either a message board, or any online videogame.  Like your last name, it is completely optional, that way; the contributors without a gamertag of any kind won’t have to worry about filling in the space.

  1. Soooo, why The Assembly Line?  I’m sure you’d love a full on explanation on why we chose our website title.  Possibly, some mythical saying by a once-thought-extinct Indian tribe.  Maybe even the secret password enabling dozens of nuclear missiles to be fired into the major capitals of the world…. well you’re not going to get one.  In the process of tossing around names for the site, we came up with, and settled on The Assembly Line.  Sounds professional, eh?